You would think killing a man with your fists would take some effort.  A beating, a terrible fight, a long-painful death.  Not so.  In Cullman County, Alabama, a 27 year old man was killed with one to two punches.  And though the same thing has been documented in at least 47 cases around the world, the assailants are usually let go, their actions ruled "an accident". How many accidents does it take for our community to realize we have a grave problem?

This website dedicated to the memory of Kapali includes a detailed list of the events leading up to Kapali's death, an online petition with 3500 signatures from people seeking justice in Kapali's case, data on cases where dozens of people have been killed by just one punch, and statements from physicians detailing how one punch can kill.

The issue of punches can kill needs to be addressed and brought to public awareness.  The assailants must have criminal consequences.  Our laws need reform.

Online Petition with over 3500 Signatures
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A Reality, not a “Freak” Accident

Kapali’s tragedy could happen to anyone.

The death of a young, talented, wonderful man by the hands of another should not go unpunished.

A lethal punch should be a crime.

Our campaign aims to correct our flawed legal system and hold assailants

accountable for throwing deadly punches.

Help us in our fight for justice and the protection of life.